The PPA Festival 2024

Turning optimism into action

100 experts took to our four stages in thought-provoking sessions. As the publishing event of the year, the carefully curated agenda was designed to bring together and galvanise the industry - turning your optimism into action and opportunity.

We covered all areas of B2B and consumer publishing, from the integration of AI, best-in-class storytelling, and innovative new technology to monetisation models that truly deliver, audience growth, attracting and retaining talent, and much more.

There is so much to unpack - so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our follow-up content and the all-important event photos.

The PPA Festival is the publishing event of the year

500+ attendees

31 sessions

100 expert speakers

4 stages


   “The PPA Festival is one of the few genuinely unmissable dates for people in our industry. Really useful and insightful talks, and the chance to catch up with anyone who is anyone in the publishing sector"

Stuart Forrest, Global SEO Director, Bauer Media Group 

“Whatever platform is your priority, all are considered, involved, and engaged. It’s just fantastic to come to an event like this, it inspires and motivates you to keep making a difference"

Nina Wright, Chair, Harmsworth Media 

"It's such a good event to see such a diverse group of companies and attendees come together in one place for a festival of what we do as an industry."

Tom Bureau, CEO Burda International

”The PPA Festival fosters an environment where collaborative ideas and innovative strategies can flourish. This event stands as a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of media and publishing, offering a unique platform for sharing insights and shaping the future of our industry"

  Ridhi Radia, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Immediate Media

"Attending the PPA Festival was an enlightening experience. The sessions were insightful and the networking exceeded my expectations, leaving me inspired and better connected. Looking forward to 2024’s event."

Paul Harvey, CRO, Incisive Media

"The PPA Festival allows us to practice what we preach, making sure that we get outside our silo - to meet, listen and engage with others in media. This approach ensures we learn and deploy the latest thinking and media techniques throughout our business for the best effect"

Luke Broadhurst, CEO, Shard Financial Media