April 29, 2021 Tobacco Dock, E1W
Stuart Sumner
Stuart Sumner
Editorial Director, Computing, Delta & The Inquirer
Incisive Media

Stuart Sumner is editorial director of Computing and Delta, where he oversees all editorial content across both brands. Since he became editor in 2012 Computing has transformed from a print-focused brand heavily dependent on advertising, to a truly multi-channel property with an award-winning events portfolio, including dining clubs, conferences, festivals, workshops and awards.

He conceived Delta in 2017, going on to launch the service in March 2019, shaking up the market intelligence sector for CIOs. It has garnered a large number of enterprise-level customers from every sector, generating profit in its first year. It has gone on to be a strategically important part of Incisive Media's business, showing incredibly strong year on year growth early on in its lifespan.

He is also a published author, writing about security and privacy.

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