April 29, 2021 Tobacco Dock, E1W
Nicola Murphy
Nicola Murphy
The River Group

Founder of The River Group 25 years ago, and with interests in several other businesses and agencies, Nicki is a marketer by trade. Nicki is passionate about marketing and before founding River had an extensive career in this field, which involved working in magazines, and before that, in marketing for six years at Procter & Gamble. A regular conference speaker, Nicki is also a proud mum of two children and four stepchildren, three dogs and seven cats. She is also an active board member of FIPP, a keen supporter of the PPA, a member of the Marketing Society, and a five-year director and trustee of The Katie Piper Foundation.

About The River Group

The River Group is a 25-year-old full-service content marketing agency based at Marble Arch, London. In an age of content spam, we don’t add to the noise, we make lean content designed on a simple consumer/brand-value equation. Our content combines the new science of digital media and the old artistry of storytelling. We produce content for web, social and print, to address hard-nosed marketing objectives for 24 clients, including Holland & Barrett, Co-op, Superdrug, WW, Cunard and The Ramblers. We have 105 staff, work across 18 international markets and have billings of £16million. The River Group Company consists of The River Group; River Sounds, an award-winning full-service podcasting company; Fish, a content agency focused on membership; and the recently launched Maven Communications PR, agency.