April 29, 2021 Tobacco Dock, E1W
Kimberly Richter
Kimberly Richter
Consulting Analyst
Ogilvy Consulting

Behavioural science has touched every chapter of Kimberly's career, informing work placements in social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy, and international development. Within these domains, Kimberly has cultivated a breadth of skills critical to bringing solutions to scale, including market research and analysis, partnership development, and strategic communications.

Currently, Kimberly Richter supports Ogilvy Consulting as an analyst in the Behavioural Science Practice.

Most recently she led a grant-funded experimental study at the London School of Economics exploring the authenticity of Corporate Social Responsibility and its implications for consumer behaviour.

Within previous professional roles, Kimberly has contributed to the brand development of public-private partnerships in the international development space. While working with the U.N. Foundation, she collaborated with entrepreneurial leaders to execute a digital advocacy campaign in support of the United Nations. More recently, she connected start-ups tackling the Sustainable Development Goals to clients and investors through an accelerator program based in Washington D.C. Additionally, Kimberly has advised communication strategies for corporate and non-profit entities alike, including campaigns for Airbus and the Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as activations designed to influence a culture of strategic philanthropy in Colombia.

Kimberly is a 2017 graduate of McGill University with a degree in Psychology and Latin American Studies, and a 2019 graduate of the London School of Economics, where she earned an MSc in Behavioural Economics.

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