April 29, 2021 Tobacco Dock, E1W
Daniel Pearce
Daniel Pearce
TTG Media

Daniel Pearce is CEO and owner of TTG Media. Joining as Editor in 2010, he moved to brand director in 2012 before mounting a management buy-out in 2013 and setting up TTG Media as a wholly independent business. Since then TTG Media has gone from strength to strength, launching a string of new initiatives including the TTG Top 50 Travel Agencies, TTG LGBT events, the ttgluxury Travel Awards, the ttgluxury Travel Summit, new website ttgmedia.com and now the first TTG Diversity & Inclusion in Travel conference. In April this year the business saw a rebrand under a new vision for a ‘Smarter, Better, Fairer’ travel industry – and new investment in print publishing, with weekly magazine TTG still at the heart of the industry 66 years after its first edition.

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