This stage explored the critical business issues at play for professional publishers today. There was lively debate and informed discussion from the important voices within our own industry and from a range of influential thinkers in the wider sphere of media and politics, covering everything from revenue threats to regulatory change; from market competition to measurement; and from creativity to culture, diversity and skills via Brexit and beyond. Attendees gained a sense of perspective on the topics that really matter for publishers in 2019 and insight into how they can best position their business for continued growth.

At the beating heart of every magazine brand is a passionate, dedicated editor. These are the people who bring everything together, not only setting the tone for a brand but providing its voice. But what does it mean to be an editor in 2019? How has the role changed, in what ways is it going to change in the future, and what are the things that an editor should always hold dear? Attendees heard superhero editors at the top of their game explore their thoughts and showcase their creativity, and were inspired by those at the forefront of a new wave of innovation.

We are living in an age of transformation. Every business is being forced to rethink, reshape and, in some cases, rebuild their structures and processes against a backdrop of unprecedented, ongoing digital change. With publishers at varying stages in their transformation journeys, we took a look at where you should go next: What are the technologies that will define your next phase? What shifts in company culture and working practices are needed to make it work? How can you balance the value from data and artificial intelligence with the wisdom and knowledge of great people?

Magazine brands are unrivalled in their ability to embed advertisers within a highly valuable, attention-rich environment. And in a world of multi-platform media consumption, publishers are augmenting that power with an ever-increasing range of monetisation strategies, with new opportunities in established areas such as newsstand and subscription marketing alongside continued growth in areas such as branded content, video, licensing and e-commerce. This stage built a picture of the changing revenue mix for publishers, showcasing those who are capitalising on growth areas, and looked ahead to what’s next.

2019's PPA Festival was held at Tobacco Dock
(Wapping Ln, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 2SF)

Tobacco Dock is just one stop on the DLR from Bank or a 10-minute walk from the Tower of London.
For more information about the venue, please visit the Tobacco Dock website.