From Runway To Print: The Life Of An Editorial Photo


Presentation EDITORS

In today’s digital world, we are exposed to so much content on a daily basis that visual expectations are increasing while attention spans are shrinking. As you scroll through the latest red carpet arrivals to see who is best dressed, it’s easy to forget how those pictures made their way to your screen in a matter of seconds.

This talk will take you behind-the-scenes of the entire journey, from when the photographer arrives at the event to the photograph being published. The process starts on-site hours before the show begins, with the setting up of advanced tethering technology and the photographer being assigned a specific position. Once the event starts and the photos begin to be captured, the media journey begins. In a matter of seconds the magazine photo editor receives the images and decisions are made with the editor as to what goes up quickly and what is to be saved for the next day.

World-leading visual storytellers from Digital Spy and Shutterstock will discuss the importance of speed in today’s news cycle and how they make their photo selections as quickly as possible to beat the competition to market.