19 May 2022 Tobacco Dock, E1W 2SF

PPA Member Tickets

Do note: if your company is a member of the PPA and has a publishing turnover less than £10M, you qualify for Independent Publisher PPA Member Tickets.

PPA Member Ticket
This item is no longer available
Independent Publisher PPA Member Ticket
This item is no longer available
Any individual purchasing tickets at PPA Member rate must ensure the publisher is a current paid-up PPA member. A list of current member companies can be found here . If you wish to enquire about PPA membership, or confirm your current membership status, please contact membership@ppa.co.uk . Any tickets bought at this rate, without valid membership, will require immediate payment of the full Non-Member rate in order to attend the PPA Festival.
The Independent Publisher rate (Member or Non-Member) is available for smaller publishers with an annual turnover under £10 million for the financial year covering the qualifying period. If buying tickets at this rate, you may be asked for evidence of your company turnover. Tickets bought at this price for companies which exceed the turnover limit will be re-invoiced at the appropriate rate.