New Ways To Monetise Your Content


Presentation Roundtables Room

Magazine publishers are more than ever aware of the need to find new ways to monetize their content whilst ensuring the protection and legitimate use of that content is not compromised. NLA consistently grow licensing revenues for magazines whilst concurrently developing a burgeoning suite of ‘publisher’s services’ allowing both B2B and B2C brands to build cost saving efficiencies and innovative solutions into their businesses.

Join NLA’s roundtable to share experiences and learn about:

  • Paywalls – how to ensure media monitoring companies can still carry out their vital work and allow NLA to grow your licensing revenues
  • Text aggregators – are you making use of this additional revenue stream, and if so do you know where your content is going? Hear how NLA are working with Faversham House, William Reed, Immediate Media and others.
  • Online article tracking – how much of your content is lifted from your website and re-purposed around the web? Hear how NLA tracks this, and takes copyright infringing websites down.
  • Crawler management – ‘good bots’ versus ‘bad bots’, and how a ‘good bot’ is a revenue opportunity in the licensing world.